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Slitting group

Pneumatic slitting knife, pneumatic knife holder, slitting machine knife set, rewinder knife holder, semi broken slitting, pressure cutting knife, shear knife...

Circular knives

Slitting machine blades, rewinding machine tools, flat round knives, disc knives, cutting upper knives, cutting bottom knives, knife rings, Slitter round knives...

Straight knives

Slicer blades, cross cutting knives, cutting knives, shearing knives, planing knives, crushing knives, blade steel inserts, tungsten steel knives...

Saw knives

Ring blade, band saw blade, tooth blade, wave blade, scraper, tungsten steel blade, ceramic blade, profiled blade...


Splitting module, lithium battery cutting knife mold, photovoltaic cutting knife, bending machine mold, punching and shearing mold, customized cutting mold...

Machines & Service

Grinding services for round, straight, and tooth shaped knives, complete grinding equipment, and cutting mechanisms...


We have three factories in China

R & D

We have 6 R & D centers around the world


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